Work package 7 - Quality and Evaluation Plan

The "Grigore Antipa" Natural History Museum will coordinate this WP. An evaluation and quality assurance cycle will be established within the project plan, with the identification of external and internal peer reviewers and the establishment of a self-assessment procedure, which will be implemented in the various stages of the project.

Quality will be assured through: Clear and detailed planning; Sharing and agreeing among partners on the overall objectives and on the objectives to be achieved at each stage; The identification of the institution responsible for the completion of each stage; A clear definition of tasks and responsibilities; The autonomous conduction of the agreed activities, under the responsibility of the designated partner; The joint evaluation of the achievements, the re-shaping of the objectives and further planning; The linking and joining together of all the sub-products by the coordinating institution.

The results of the different evaluation tasks carried out during the project will be presented, together with the tools specifically developed, as an annex to the Final project report.