Work package 3 - Training courses in DS

Each training activity will be implemented by Melting Pro, documented and evaluated by trainers and trainees using different tools (questionnaires, diaries, presence registers, photo and video), in order to contribute with a practical input to the final publication.

At the end of each training course a video will be realised containing the stories produced by the trainees: some of them will be selected to become part of the final video of the project, while the others will be anyway available on the project’s website and on the partners’ websites. Stories which have not been told in English will be subtitled.

Stories recorded in Spain - view stories

Stories recorded in Romania - view stories

TRAINING REPORT By Melting Pro. Laboratorio per la Cultura
This training report aims to describe the two training courses facilitated by Meltingpro. Laboratorio per la cultura1, partner in the Diamond project2, held respectively at the Museo De Ciencias Naturales in Valencia, Spain on June 2013 24th-28th and at the "Grigore Antipa" National Museum of Natural History in Bucharest, Romania on July 2013 15th -19th.