Target groups

The target groups addressed by DIAMOND are:

1. Participating institutions: 

i. Museums: the project will strengthen the awareness of the new social role of museums as institutions in fostering not only education and enjoyment but also in becoming arenas to discuss contemporary issues. It will represent a training opportunity for museum professionals and an opportunity of sharing knowledge and practices with professionals working in other EU countries and in the social field; 

ii. Research centers:  they will have the opportunity of experimenting new methodology of implementation and evaluation of activities. They will investigate new qualitative indicators in order to measure the impact of the activities. Eccom, as project coordinator, will also benefit from this experience in terms of growth and empowerment of its staff’s management and communication skills.

2. Professionals working in social organisations: they will have the opportunity of being involved in a lifelong learning experience through the training courses in DS and to work in partnership with people coming from other sectors, since the pilot projects entail a cross-profession working, so that a range of different expertise and understandings are brought together to develop and deliver the projects themselves;

3. Adult people who will be engaged in the pilot projects realised by the museums: each of the 4 pilot projects will be designed to empower their personal and social abilities, skills and interests;

4. Other museums and social institutions not directly involved in the project but which will benefit of its results and outputs, thanks to the dissemination activity. These institutions will also have the possibility of transferring to others their experiences.

The project will reach at least 3000 individuals, such as:

  • museum professionals and professionals working in social organizations/institutions – identified and chosen by the museums - who will participate to the training courses in DS (40 people).
  • museum professionals and of professionals working in social organizations/institutions who will  develop, deliver and evaluate the 4 pilot projects (100 people);
  • participants in the 4 pilot projects. They will be recruited through partnerships between museums and different organisations at a local level (100 people);
  • 250 people reached by the dissemination event (final conference in Valencia);
  • people who will receive the Handbook (2500 copies)

Over and above their constituencies, all partners are members of networks at European or international level (such as ICOM – International Council of Museums; Culture Action Europe; European Museum Forum; museums associations in the individual countries), which allow for a cascade effect of the dissemination, with the target of reaching 4000 individuals in the longer term, either museum professionals and other groups of beneficiaries of educational activities.