The stories recorded in Romania

The stories were created and recorded during the second training course on Digital storytelling addressed to museum professionals and social workers within DIAMOND project (15 and 22 of July 2013) held in Bucharest, Romania. In Bucharest 12 Museum educators from “Ion Borcea” Natural Sciences Museum Complex, other partner in the Diamond project, and other professionals attended the training. 

The purpose of the training was to train museum educators to master the digital storytelling methodology as an engagement tool to enhance the role of museum as a learning environment for adults and to replicate the workshop in the second phase of the project. 


1-Oana Tudorache “Everyone's Museum”

2-Ana Maria Petrescu “The Story of a beginning” 

3- George Nazareanu “Inner peace photography”


4- Maria Bezede “Adventure of a child”


1- Mihaela Arinton “A fulfilled destiny”

2- Gabriela Gurau “The bug that disappeared”

3- Bogdan Barabaº “My first flight”

4- Bogdan Tomozii “Memoires entomologique - The hermit beetle and my Hungarian friends”