The project is structured into six phases:

1) Research into the personal and social benefits to marginalised people of engaging with scientific museums;

2) Training in DS addressed to three of the six partners, i.e. the museums in Spain and Romania, as well as to professionals operating in the social sector and cooperating with the museums in the development of activities addressed to marginalised people. The training will be organised by the other three partners who share a good level of knowledge of DS;

3) Joint planning of museum education initiatives for adult people of different backgrounds, designed to be transferable and relevant to each of the participants’ own professional context (museums and/or social institutions/organisations). 

4) Publication of a European Handbook in four languages;

5) Realisation of a video which will contain a selection of the stories realised by museum/social professionals and people who participated in museum activities using DS; 

6) Dissemination through events, through the Internet and the social networks (project’s website), through the final publication and the video.