DIAMOND Project - Partners

DIAMOND’s partners have a strong interest in sharing similar experiences with other European countries and museums, to confront objectives, methodologies and results, since most of them have already experienced similar activities and share the same cultural and social background of these activities: the MCNV has carried out some didactic workshops in the Penitentiary Centre of Picassent; M.N.I.N.G.A. in the early ‘90s used to offer on a continuous basis visits for offenders, who systematically went to visit it; Ion Borcea museum complex has strong relationships with different institutions operating in its area, addressing the needs of different target audiences; Eccom has been working in the last 11 years on the issue of culture as a means of social integration, carrying out studies and researches at a national and international level on this issue. Furthermore, it is also involved together with MEP and Museo Civico di Zoologia in the development of Digital Storytelling (DS), within the framework of a European multilateral Grundtvig project called DeTales (www.detales.net).

In fact MEP project managers, as part of the DeTales  project activities, have organized in September 2011 a one week training session in Turkey, which Cristina Da Milano, president of Eccom, attended as a learner: later on, in December 2011, MEP project managers and Eccom organized – as part of the DeTales project – a training in DS addressed to museum professionals working at the Museo Civico di Zoologia of Rome, in order to let them experiment this tool during the realization of their activities.

The strength of the Consortium lies in its being made up of different organisations (2 research centres and 4 museums) possessing the necessary skills – analytical, methodological or operational –  to carry out all the activities envisaged by the project: project planning, background research, training in DS, pilot projects implementation, dissemination, exploitation of results, networking. 

All partners share a deep interest in lifelong learning addressed to marginalised people, with different and complementary levels of expertise which will be evenly distributed throughout the different phases of the project.