Workshop - Digital storytelling in Museums 24-28 March 2014

2 Apr 2014

The workshop “Digital storytelling in Museums: a tool to engage adults and to evaluate the impact” was organised in Rome, Italy between 24 and 28 March 2014.  

Melting Pro. Laboratorio per la Cultura leading the training session, organized it, in partnership with the Museo Civico di Zoologia in Rome and ECCOM - Idee per la cultura.

The workshop was part of the exploitation strategy of the Diamond project:

“Dialoguing Museums for a New Cultural Democracy” 526264-LLP-2012_ITGRUNDTVIG- GMP co - funded by European Commission within the lifelong learning Grundtvig (adult education) programme.

The project aims at bringing together a group of scientific museums and research centres committed to providing learning opportunities for adult people (using ICT). 

It also aims at providing an in-depth analysis of tools and methodologies to measure the impact of museum activities within society and the adult learning field, and to develop guidelines of good practice.

The workshop reached the outcomes and outputs expected at the beginning. The participants reached a knowledge and understanding of digital storytelling, knowledge and understanding of storytelling as a tool of self expression and learning and knowledge and understanding of the storytelling process. Only that to master the DS method completely and to adapt the methodology participants need further training since it is important to make at least once a story going through the process to understand the process.

Creativity, inspiration, enthusiasm, learning, stories and experience where the most popular words.

The international dimension was key to the success of the workshop. This reveals how it is important to share and confront each other not only in the safe environment of our own practice but also at international level and cross disciplines.

Moreover being part of the exploitation activity of the DIAMOND, the workshop was successful in promoting and raising the awareness about the project development and results, transferring the results and convincing other end-users to apply and adopt the results.


For more, read the TRAINING REPORT

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