28 Oct 2013

In the period 24-28 June 2013 took place the Training course on Digital storytelling in Valencia, Spain. This was the first training course on Digital storytelling addressed to museum professionals and social workers within DIAMOND project. Also, between 15 and 22 of July 2013 took place the Training course on Digital storytelling in Bucharest, Romania

At „Download” section you can find the training report. This report describes the two training courses facilitated by Meltingpro – Laboratorio per la cultura, partner in the Diamond project, held respectively at the Museo De Ciencias Naturales in Valencia, Spain and at the "Grigore Antipa" National Museum of Natural History in Bucharest, Romania. In Bucharest 12 Museum educators from “Ion Borcea” Natural Sciences Museum Complex, other partner in the Diamond project, and other professionals attended the training. In both cases, the purpose of the training was to train museum educators to master the digital storytelling methodology as an engagement tool to enhance the role of museum as a learning environment for adults and to replicate the workshop in the second phase of the project. 

The long-term purpose was to embed this methodology into the museums’ adult learning programme, to enlarge their offer especially for adults in marginalised conditions.