Training courses in DS

6 Aug 2013

The Diamond partners were present at both training courses in DS (24-28.06.2013 at Valencia and 15-20.07.2013 Bucharest). 

The training in DS were addressed to three of the six Diamond partners, i.e. the museums in Spain and Romania, as well as to professionals operating in the social sector and cooperating with the museums in the development of activities addressed to marginalised people. The training were organised by the other three partners who share a good level of knowledge of DS;

Melting Pro, thanks to the expertise on digital storytelling training courses acquired by its project managers and trainers through the European projects developed the training courses on DS in the Museum of Spain and Romania.

The target groups of the training courses were 40 professionals from museums and from social sector. 

A selection of stories from Romania and Spain will soon be available for you to watch on line!