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11 Jun 2013

On 24-28 June 2013 will take place the Training course on Digital storytelling in Valencia, Spain. This will be the first training course on Digital storytelling addressed to museum professionals and social workers.

Between 15 and 22 of July 2013 will take place the Training course on Digital storytelling in Bucharest, Romania

The aim of the project is to realise museum activities addressed to marginalised groups, exploiting the enormous potential of museums as tools of empowerment and social inclusion and that of DS within the cultural and social domain by training the other partners of the DIAMOND project in the DS methodology and by using it in the implementation and evaluation of the project’s activities. Telling stories is indeed an activity embedded in human being’s way of making sense of reality, shared by all cultures no matter where they come from and what sort of environment they live in.

The use of DS adds to the process of telling stories the potential of self-biography (a very powerful pedagogical tool) fostering the decrease of the digital divide among different age groups and different social groups. In the whole, the use of DS is a powerful tool in terms of individual empowerment in order to learn (new knowledge), to learn how to do (new competences) and to learn how to be (self-development, creativity, self-expression).

Engaging adults in lifelong learning activities and enhancing the role of adult education is a priority for the European Union. This project aims at developing and testing different outreaching strategies to reach adults. Melting Pro, thanks to the expertise on digital storytelling training courses acquired by its project managers and trainers through the European project Detales and Enkdist, have the role of developing the 2 training courses on DS in the Museums of Spain and Romania.