Museo Civico di Zoologia

Civic Museum of Zoology (Rome, Italy)

Established in 1932, the Civic Museum of Zoology in Rome houses a collection of approximately 5 million specimens ranging from few millimetres long shells to a 16 meters whale. Most of them are preserved in special cabinets and are available to researchers, or exhibited during special events only. 

The Museum is a true and actual Archive of Biodiversity, in addition to being a heritage for the whole community. The concept of the permanent exhibition is the biodiversity in the Animal Kingdom. From the exhibition  named “Amori bestiali” (“Beastly loves”), to the spectacular  “Salone degli  Scheletri” (“Skeletons Hall”), visitors become familiar with different animal forms, while also understanding their origins and adaptation to different environments, also thanks to experiences enriched by interactivity. 

The Museum also serves as a center for scientific culture awareness by creating events such as temporary exhibitions and “Happy Hour” conferences, which are a chance for the public to meet with scientific experts in animal biology. 

Educational support is direct to all school levels and uses a methodology based on instruction-learning models that promote an active and personal understanding of the knowledge.