Each of the project’s objectives will be realised using the following methodology:

  • Analysis of the museum education activities addressed to marginalised people and the identification of effective practice
  • The training of the museum professionals in the use of DS - Digital storytelling as an effective method of involving people in museum activities
  • Encouraging the museums to develop pilot projects aimed at involving marginalised people, using DS as a tool of self-expression and communication. The pilot projects will be realised in cooperation between cultural and social institutions operating in the partners areas and will be based on the use of resources (written materials, didactic tools, etc.) to be used inside and outside the museums. 
  • The identification of tools and methodologies in order to evaluate the social impact of museum activities: a short, medium and long term evaluation will be carried out, using questionnaires, interviews, observation and focus groups, and DS;
  • Promoting a greater appreciation of the role of scientific museums as a tool to engage adults and promote learning opportunities and social inclusion for disadvantaged groups.