Melting Pro-Laboratorio per la Cultura

Melting Pro is a cultural association located in Rome, Italy, founded by eight professionals who have a collective passion and deep experience in the field of cultural management.

The aim of Melting Pro is to enhance and to promote the access of cultural heritage at Italian and European level through cultural initiatives and training courses for cultural professionals and adults in general.

Melting Pro provides support to organizations, both public and private, that strive to develop management and enhancement of cultural heritage.

Melting Pro consists of project managers specializing in: fundraising, design, development and management of cultural projects, with particular expertise in the European model. 

MeltingPro activities include research and feasibility studies, monitoring and ex-ante, mid-, ex postcommunication; administrative management; organization of training events at National and International levels; supporting the creation of European and National networks.

In the last years, the professionals of MeltingPro had actively participated in several EU funded project, addressed to enhance the value of cultural heritage and the role of cultural professionals at European level promoting lifelong learning strategies.