"Ion Borcea" Natural Sciences Museum Complex

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“Ion Borcea” Natural Science Museum Complex – comprises four departments: Natural Science Museum; Vivarium, “Victor Anestin” Astronomical Observatory and “Ion Borcea” Memorial House.

The first exhibition of Natural Science from Bacău, was open to the public in January 1959, together with a history exhibition – in the Regional Museum of Bacău (the first Museum of History and Natural Science Museum of Bacău). The first permanent exhibition was opened on 31st October 1966. Now, (since 2003) the location of the Museum is in Cancicov Park. The building includes an administrative part (including the laboratories, offices, etc.), conference room, collections storage facilities, exhibitions and the green-house, etc. 

As all other museums, the activities of our institution are: scientific research, preservation and enrichment of the patrimony of the museum (collections), exhibitions, educational projects, etc.

The scientific research is assured by our specialists. 

Our patrimony includes collections of plants, fungus, lichens, earth moss, insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, minerals, snails, clams, etc. Our permanent exhibitions present the flora and fauna from “The Forests of Romania” and minerals from our country in the exhibition “Flowers from above the Earth”. We also bring in front of the public temporary exhibition presenting “The five human senses”, “Aloe vera – the miracle plant”.   

Yearly we organize scientific symposiums about biodiversity and ecology of living things (vegetal and animal organisms), biotechnology and environmental protection, and also museology. These symposiums represent opportunities for specialists from different institutions (from our country and also from other countries) to present the results of their researches.

If initially the relation between museum and public was resumed to the simple visit of different visitors (groups or individual) to the museum, now our relation with the public is more complex.