Eccom European Centre for Cultural Organisation and Management


ECCOM - European Centre for Cultural Organisation and Management has been founded in 1995 with the aim of promoting an interdisciplinary approach to cultural organisations. Formed by economists, archaeologists, art historians and experts in cultural training and communication, ECCOM carries out analyses, consultancies and research works for public administrations and private organisations, and elaborates projects on management and structure of cultural producers. ECCOM host a developing Centre for Documentation in Cultural Management.

ECCOM advices public authorities in redesigning the structure of local cultural organisations and the mechanisms of regional and local legislation and policy, in the light of institutional change affecting all the relevant aspects of administration and management of cultural activities and investments. The growing importance of human capital in cultural activities, also in view of the many emerging professions, is taken into account in designing training projects, assisting training institutions and hosting stages and laboratories from the main post-graduate courses in cultural economics, management and marketing.

ECCOM carries out projects and activities within a European and international scope, co-operating with experts and professionals that are able to cover an extremely wide range of skills and experiences, so that each activity can be finely tuned to its specific needs and constraints

ECCOM is member of Culture Action Europe and of ICOM-International Council of Museums, promoted by Unesco.