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2010Eurostat data

The proportion of the population between 24 and 65 who participated in lifelong learning (LLL) activities in the countries of the partners.

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The project organizes cultural encounters and experiences "for and with" citizens who normally are "non-public" audiences of museums and who don't visit museums (any museum) due to physical distance, to the lack of museums in their areas, or to lack of cultural interests.

Engaging adults in lifelong learning activities and enhancing the role of adult education is a priority for the European Union. This project aims at developing and testing different outreaching strategies to teach adults. The countries involved in the partnership have a low participation of adults in lifelong learning (according to Eurostat data, in 2010 the proportion of the population between 24 and 65 who participated in lifelong learning activities was 6.2% in Italy, 10.8% in Spain and 1.3% in Romania). This is why, beside the formal adult educational pathway, museums have a central role in attracting adults in informal educational activities. By evaluating the impact through the digital storytelling method (DS), we are able to appreciate the impact through a qualitative perspective.

The partnership recognises the importance of social sustainability and the need to engender institutional change that will support working with marginalised adult into the future

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The final video of Diamond project is now available

The final video of Diamond project is now available. You can watch it following the link with the subtitles in Romanian, Spanish and Italian. English version Spanish version Italian version Romanian version ...

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One of the outcomes of the Diamond project is the Handbook.

This handbook is the final outcome of the project DIAMOND-Dialoguing Museums for a New Cultural Democracy, funded in the framework of the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig sub-programme. DIAMOND took place between November 2012 and October 2014 in four EU member states, involving four scientific museums and two cultural associations.  It is now available for download ind teh download area in the languages of the project: English, Romanian, Italian and Spanish....

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Workshop - Digital storytelling in Museums 24-28 March 2014

The workshop “Digital storytelling in Museums: a tool to engage adults and to evaluate the impact” was organised in Rome, Italy between 24 and 28 March 2014.   Melting Pro. Laboratorio per la Cultura leading the training session, organized it, in partnership with the Museo Civico di Zoologia in Rome and ECCOM - Idee per la cultura. The workshop was part of the exploitation strategy of the Diamond project: “Dialoguing Museums for a New Cultural Democracy” 526264-LL...

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